Campeche is a Mexican state with a lot to offer,  a niche for historical tourism,  cultural, natural and gastronomical delight and adventure.

San Francisco de Campeche is the capital of the state, a charming and beautiful city with bastions, forts  and a city wall surrounding the historical downtown, the walls were used to defend it from the vicious pirate attacks upon the city a few hundred years ago.
Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site the downtown area has been  completely restored, the architecture is a colonial style with the houses painted in a variety of  pastel colors giving you the feeling of being in the past… There is nothing like walking around the  downtown area to admire the beauty of the old buildings, parks, churches and the recently renewed “Calle 59”, a pedestrian street that goes from the “Puerta de mar”(sea gate) to “Puerta de tierra” (land gate), offering an informal and relaxed ambience where you can enjoy different kinds of restaurants and bars, it provides an excellent place to have a drink, meal or even a hot chocolate in the authentic Campeche way.

The history of Campeche starts a long way before the Spanish conquistadors and pirates… The state was one of the most important territories in the Mayan culture, with a lot of archeological sites including “Calakmul” which was one of the largest and most powerful ancient cities in the Mayan empire.

Even though Calakmul is three and a half hours away from the capital of Campeche, deep in the jungle, it is very well worth the trip as it is also a biosphere reserve where you will be able to easily spot wild animals in their natural environment, such as monkeys, deers, occelated turkeys, wild boars, toucans and with a little bit of luck big wild cats such as jaguars, ocelots, tigrillos and pumas.

There is also other Mayan sites in a short distance from the capital, such as Edzna which is only 61 kms away from the city. You can visit it in the day time, but it also offers light show at night in the archeological zone telling the rich history of the Mayan culture.
Campeche is very well known for its cuisine, very similar to the Yucatan cuisine, but with much more fresh sea food involved….. The classic and delicious “pan de cazón” – A tower of corn tortilla, refried beans, baby shark, a tomato sauce and habanero. There is also “Pescado tikin xic” which is fish with regional condiments wrapped in banana leaf, these would be nice recommendation as they are some of the most traditional and representative dishes from the state of Campeche.

For all this and more, Campeche is very well known as México´s hidden treasure… Don’t miss the chance to visit us and enjoy the hospitality that Campeche can bring to you.

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