Playas Palmeras was the first major tourist community on the Campeche Gulf Coast. We own 13 kilometers of coastline here, all of it white sand beach, which we have been opening gradually for development over a seven year period.

We see great potential for this area as a tourist and retirement location. It offers a warm, tropical climate, friendly people, and great cultural and natural beauty. Beachfront property here costs much less than in most other coastal areas of Mexico and there are excellent prospects for property appreciation and rental income.

Though we were the first development here, three other foreign consortia are building beach developments on this coast, about 20 kilometers each way from Playas Palmeras.

Our Location

We’re located 40 kilometers—less than a 30-minute drive—from the charming fishing port of Champotón. We’re just over an hour’s drive from Campeche, the capital of the state and a 45 minute drive from Ciudad del Carmen to the south

Our Business

Our core business focuses on selling first-line, beachfront lots for single-family homes. We then help our clients build their beach homes in several ways:

  • We keep a portfolio of approved designs that clients can adapt to their needs. All designs have a Mexican or Mediterranean feel, so they suit the Gulf Coast environment.

Lot prices

Our Management Services

We recognize that most of our clients plan to use their houses as vacation homes and/or as a source of rental income. But some maintenance needs are ongoing, even when owners are away.

Basic maintenance. We have set up a formal management company to handle all maintenance and ancillary services for Playas Palmeras. These services will include:

  • Regular maid service for cleaning (this is key in a tropical climate even for an empty house)
  • Regular grounds maintenance
  • Pool service as needed
  • Security service
  • Emergency maintenance (electricity or water failure, etc)

The Playas Palmeras Development

We currently have nine completed houses in the development, with three more in progress. We anticipate having 20 houses completed or well under way by year-end 2014.

We prefer to slowly ramp up the pace of work to keep a sharp eye on quality control. We’re proud of what’s been done so far, and invite you to view the existing houses. We can also arrange personal viewings if you visit the development.

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