At Playas Palmeras we like to keep our management team compact and friendly. As a client, you’ll deal directly with our key people, all skilled professionals.Our team will guide you through every aspect of buying property and building a beach house.

Peter A. Scott, Managing Director

Peter, a Londoner, took over the reins at Playas Palmeras in February 2006. As Managing Director Peter is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. He is also the public face of Playas Palmeras locally, building and maintaining business relationships with vendors and government authorities. Peter has the final word in all business decisions.

Bettina Heredia Flores, Finance supervisor

Bettina keeps strict control over all financial dealings between ourselves & our clients. It is her responsibility to ensure that all financial contractual obligations and deadlines are met. She makes sure that all transfers take place smoothly, constantly checking their validity and timeliness so that all parties are assured of zero irregularities.

Manuel Nuñez Mora, Biologist and Environmental Consultant

At Playas Palmeras we are lucky enough to be surrounded by almost unmatched natural beauty, and an incredible array of wildlife. When developing an area like this, it’s important to do it responsibly. Manuel has years of experience studying local ecosystems and working for national environmental agencies. He makes sure that all environmental standards are met or exceeded. He also submits and manages all the environmental applications and liaises with the government authorities.

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