The four airports within a few hours’ drive of Playas Palmeras: Mérida, Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen, and—further away but best known–Cancún.

Mérida Airport

Mérida is the capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, and is about a three hours’ drive north of Playas Palmeras.

Mérida has an international airport, with direct flights from Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and other cities. There are frequent flights to Mérida at competitive fares. As a result, many of our visitors choose to come via Mérida, even though, next to Cancún, it’s the farthest away of the major airports.

We can arrange transport from Mérida to Playas Palmeras for our guests. We can also book you a hotel room in Mérida if you need one.

As an international city, Mérida offers a lot to see and do, including museums, concerts, shopping, or just sitting in the plaza over a drink or dessert. Many of our guests like to tack on a day of sightseeing in Mérida at the beginning or end of their trip.


Campeche Airport

Campeche has a small airport with five flights a day from Mexico City. If you’re flying into Campeche, you’ll change planes and go through customs in Mexico City.

Playas Palmeras is about an hour away from Campeche by car. We can arrange pick-up at the airport for you.

If you wish to stay overnight in Campeche, the airport is a 5-10 minute drive from the city center.


Ciudad del Carmen

There are two direct flights a day between Houston & Ciudad del Carmen. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to go directly to the beach. Playas Palmeras is about 50 minutes away from Ciudad del Carmen by car.

Those taking the Houston flight will go through customs in Ciudad del Carmen.



Cancún, at the northeast tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, is the airport that’s farthest away from Playas Palmeras. However, all distances are relative, and the sheer number of direct flights coming into Cancún, from all over the world, make it an option worth considering. In addition, fares tend to be excellent.

Cancún is about six hours away from Playas Palmeras by car. The roads are all highway, making the driving easy. There are also first-class and deluxe coaches that you can book for each stage of the trip. These are offered by the ADO transit company.

For those who have time, traveling via Cancún also offers the opportunity to see other parts of the Peninsula. Valladolid, about an hour outside Cancún toward Mérida, is a beautiful colonial city that is now getting tourist attention on its own. The Maya ruins of Chichén Itza are also an easy stop on this drive. And Mérida itself, being a capital and an international city, has much to offer.

If your flight arrives in Cancún too late in the day for you to drive or take a coach straight to Campeche, either Valladolid or Mérida are also excellent alternatives to Cancún for an overnight stay. We can offer suggestions on accommodations should you wish to consider stopping along the way.


By car

We’re a long drive by car for anyone coming from the U.S. or Canada: about three days from the U.S./Mexican border. However, many people like the drive—or like having their car with them, especially if they plan a long visit.

Playas Palmeras is easy to find. We’re right off Highway 180, near Kilometer 101 (look for our restaurant, Bahía de Tortugas). Highway 180 runs along the Gulf Coast the entire length of the Yucatan Peninsula. You can’t miss us.

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