Located just 30 minutes by car from Playas Palmeras, Champotón is a charming fishing port that serves as a gateway to the entire region. From here you can take in a range of activities, from relaxing and walking along the seacoast to eco- and adventure tours.

Champotón is prosperous and full of natural, cultural attractions and wonderful sea food. The magical beauty of the area centers on the Champotón River, which flows into the Gulf. This area teems with birdlife, and is an ideal place for sport fishing, kayaking, and diving. Other adventure sports such as camping, hiking, and bird watching are also popular.

With both the river and the Gulf at hand, seafood and fish are the local specialties. Many exquisite dishes are prepared in restaurants along the oceanfront promenade. We have our favorites, which we can recommend, but you can hardly go wrong with most of them.

The area is also important historically, as it was here that the Mayans first drove the Spaniards from the Yucatán. Colonial remains include the Fort of San Antonio, in the main part of the city, and the “Chenpek,” or “well of the dog,” where the Spaniards tried to drink in 1517, the year the Mayans defeated them.

Champotón is also handy for shopping. For food, there is the large central market. Hardware stores are also available if you need to pick up a few hammock hooks or nails for your house. And there are many small clothing stores in the city center, where you can find casual clothes and shoes well suited to the climate.

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